Top Ten Tuesday: Bookworm delights

toptentuesday6721Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

This week TTT is asking for all those little things that bookworms relish (live for) and get excited about, which probably any normal person will wrinkle their nose at and go really?”.

Here are a few of mine…

1. Coming back from the library with a huge haul. After resting my aching arms for a while, and likely having a cuppa or two, I like to take them all out of the bag one by one, re-read all the blurbs and then leave them on the coffee table for a little while, just to glory in the catch.

2. Opening a book at the right page. I have never had much luck with bookmarks – I always lose them, or my boys pull them out and play with them. Folding down the corners IS A CARDINAL SIN for me, so more often than not, I just rely on my overworked brain to try and remember where I left off – so when I open the book at exactly the right page, it is such a satisfying feeling.

3. Finishing a book without breaking the spine. I rarely have the luxury of a BRAND NEW BOOK. They are like very rare and beautiful butterflys in my world, so I always feel I need to treat them delicately. No folded corners (see above) and, as far as possible, I like to try to keep the spine crease free. Yes, this often means that I am reading into a very steep valley, but hey ho.

4. Choosing a book completely at random and it being amazing. Everything these days has so much expectation loaded upon it. You know what to expect with 90% of the food you eat. You always start new experiences with a sense of whether or not you will enjoy them (whether you are proved right or wrong). So picking a book which you have never heard of before, with no sense of what it is about or whether you will like it is quite liberating. And when it turns out to be amazing…

5. Reading a hyped up book and not being disappointed. Linked to #4, how often have you succumbed, and picked up THAT book, the one that EVERYONE is reading and found it utterly overrated? It’s so amazing, when everyone is actually right and said book is breathtakingly good.

6. Bookathons on rainy days. My eldest loves books. We quite often get under the duvet on rainy days with a huge stack of books and just keep reading. Sadly these bookathons are less frequent than they used to be, because boy #2 doesn’t hold them in the same regard as his brother.

7. My sons loving a book I used to love. As I’ve mentioned before, my Mum is an amazing hoarder of books (worse than me!). She’s kept most of our childhood favourites, so every now and again, we raid her cupboard. It’s amazing when my boys love books that I have a soft spot for.

8. Double stacked books in secondhand shops. I love secondhand bookshops (so much so, I wrote my undergrad dissertation on them). The best ones are those which have so much stock you feel you might start an avalanche if not careful. I love double stacks, and the thrill of what might be hiding behind what you can see.

9. Complete absorption. That feeling of being completely lost in a book. And trying to put it down because you have been reading for several hours straight and you really need a rest, you need to eat, you need to get some fresh air. But after 5 minutes of wandering round the house like a lost sheep, you have no choice but to go back to reading.

10. Revisting old favourites. Sometimes you just need to hang out with someone you know really well.

So there you have it. My bookish delights. Do you agree, or are you wrinkling your nose and saying “really?”. Do let me know.

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19 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookworm delights

  1. No 9 so much. I basically turn off all my other senses and get so immersed that I’m completely unaware of my surroundings. It can be dangerous sometimes, but so far nothing bad has happened.

  2. Hahaha, I am forever dropping my bookmarks out of my books so I too have to guess the page! Kind of like your No.4, I really like when I just pick a random free book from amazon (most of these books are awful) and it’s actually a good book! Really great list, although I have to admit I am rubbish at not breaking the spine of my books!

  3. …oh my your points 2 and 3 resonate so much. I used to read with the book barely cracked open to avoid creasing the spine, and nothing annoys me like loaning a book to a friend only to get it back with the spine creased to pieces. This may explain why I am so happy by opening books to the right page (because I too am terrible at bookmarks. I occasionally grab something randomly to hand to use instead, but mostly I just put the book down).

  4. I love to binge read outside on warm, sunny days, but rainy day readathons are also kind of the best too. Actually, we don’t have many rainy days where I live (definitely over cast though). Now snow day readathons. I can have plenty of those! Books…tea…cozy blanket…cat. Perfect.

    1. Sounds like heaven! Sadly small boys aren’t as willing to sit still as cats 😉 I love lounging around reading on sunny days too, but we haven’t had too many of those so far this year – in fact I wrote a post this week moaning about snow in April 🙁

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