Top Ten Tuesday: All Grown Up

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

This week, childhood characters I’d like to revisit as adults. This was a tough one for me, as I generally close a book and don’t wonder what happens next. I’ve never been a fan of sequels – I think you can have too much of a good thing. But anyway, slightly late in the day, here is my top ten…

1. Anastasia Krupnik.
Man, I loved Anastasia. I always thought we would have been great pals and would have had so many laughs and together. I think she grew up to be thoroughly loved, surrounded by kids, and is the kind of Mum other kids envy.

2. Christopher Robin.
I hope he survived boarding school without too much bother. I picture him as an Oxford Scholar with turned up collars and boating shoes. Probably rowing in the Boat Race.

3. The Famous Five.
I can see them all on family camping holidays with loads of their children, being very wholesome and outdoorsy, and probably bemoaning the lack of freedom that their children have compared to when they were kids.

4. Jane and Michael Banks.
I like to hope that Michael became a successful businessman, and that Jane paved the way for women as a doctor or a politician. Not that they were both carted away to a lunatic asylum when trying to tell everyone what went on in the Banks house.

5. Goldilocks.
Did she learn from her misdemeanor? Or did getting away with porridge-gate encourage her towards a life of cat burglary or espionage?

6. Jonathan and Judy Brown.
I like to picture Judy as an old lady, reminiscing about growing up with a bear to her grandchildren, who humour her but secretly think she is bonkers. I think she sadly lost Jonathan in a Paddington related accident at an early age 🙁

7. Will Stanton (The Dark is Rising).
Last seen as the World’s only remaining defence against a potential re-rising of The Dark. I wonder how that worked out for him?

8. Albert Hillsborough (Gone).
I thought Albert was a great character, and would love to know what he went on to achieve. World domination?

9. Auggie (Wonder)
I wish nothing but the best for Auggie. He was such a beautiful character. I hope he is loved and respected wherever he may be.

10. Marmalade Atkins.
Maybe she used some of that unconventionality for something exciting, but more likely she wound up in jail or with a drug problem.

How about you? Any characters you’d like to catch up with?


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: All Grown Up

  1. I love the Famous Five, though I put the Secret Seven on my list. I can definitely see them having a great retreat with all their families together. Even Timmy too. I hope he’s still around.

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