Slightly Creased: November News

Another busy month at the bookshop. Lots of orders to process (hurrah!) and lots of new stock listed. I still have only about 30% of my stock up for sale, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.

After several months of scrabbling around on the floor when packing my books, and never being able to find the sellotape/wrap/scissors, I have finally organised myself when my Mum offered me my Grandmother’s old bureau.. It may not look like much, but this bureau is one of the few remaining items that belonged to my Grandmother and it made the trip from America to the UK way back in the 1960s, after my Grandmother died prematurely. Growing up, it always had pride of place in our house, with the telephone on top and the desk filled with all sort of miscellaneous items that Mum thought may come in useful. Pens, buttons, string, tape, safety pins, address books. If you couldn’t find it, chances were it was in ‘The Desk.’ It brings back a lot of memories and it seems only right that it continues to fulfill more or less the same purpose here. I love the idea that my Grandmother probably rummaged around in it for an envelope more than once, and so it lives on.


Slightly less positive, this month I had my first return 🙁 A book was sent back to me because the buyer never collected it from the Post Office. And despite emails, I still haven’t heard anything back, which is weird. I sincerely hope she’s ok. Somewhat annoyingly, it seems that it wasn’t stored in ideal conditions wherever it was, and has come back waterstained. Grrrr.



Also not so great this month was my attempt at replacing a fence panel in the back garden. The fence is in great shape now, but sadly the same cannot be said for my hand…

Fortunately I can type again now, so it’s back to listing books!

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