The Ins and Outs: January 2019

It has been a surprisingly busy month at the Frog and Flamingo. I had thought that things would be quiet after Christmas, but it seems we have hit 2019 running 🙂

The Ins

Lots of new books listed for sale this month, including a large selection of great children’s picture books:

There are six of the A.Mazing Monster books by Jim and Christopher Slater. The first of these books (The Tricky Troggle) was written in 1977 by Jim Slater, when he was persuaded to write a story about one of the drawings done by his 10 year old son Christopher. Christopher then illustrated the rest story, and together they went on to produce 16 books in total. They are odd little stories, but clearly have an appeal to children as they sold over three million copies.

I’ve never seen Mr Rabbit and the Lovely present before, which features illustrations by Maurice Sendak. It’s slightly creepy if you ask me, but no doubt one of those books that a lot of people remember from their childhoods.

20190124_120638One book that I do remember well is Jeremy Mouse by Althea. It is a simple little story of a mouse who ventures out on his own and gets caught in the rain. Looking at it now with adult eyes, the illustrations seem incredibly basic, but clearly it is a style that works, since I remember it well over 30 years on. Althea Braithwaite went on to write and illustrate a large number of books for children and the ‘Althea’ series was very successful. Most of these can be found secondhand, but some are quite scarce, including Benedict’s New Bear (pictured above).

The Outs

A variety of books sold this month; it’s always interesting to see what people buy. The copy of Laurie Lee’s As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning is the first Penguin edition, published in 1971. This particular edition seems to be pretty scarce, and sold very quickly after listing 🙂 Biggles is ever popular, and first edition hardcovers usually do well, even with slightly battered dust jackets!

I was a little sad to sell Magic at Midnight – only because I’ve sold a couple of these now, and was meaning to read it this time before it was snapped up again. I love the style of the illustrations in this edition.

I’ve sold quite a few of these Rupert books now. There were 18 in this series which was published between 1972 and 1975 and was only available in Woolworths. They are reprints of earlier editions from the 1930s. Perhaps it is because they are easier to find (and cheaper) than the originals, but they seem to be quite collectible.

Off to list more books now, so check back in February to see what else is new. In the meantime check out the shop! You can buy our books at BiblioABE or Ebay



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